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ANSDIMAT - program for pumping test

ANSDIMAT – advanced software system for aquifer test analytical and numerical analysis by direct and inverse methods.

ANSDIMAT allows aquifer test analysis by analytical and graphic analytical methods using actually all calculation schemes applied in hydrological practice.

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ANSDIMAT program comprises steady- and non-steady state analytical drawdown solutions for confined and unconfined aquifer, aquifer heterogeneous on the horizontal plane, leaky and multi-layer (stratified) aquifer systems. Analytical solutions for fractured-porous aquifers of various structure, solutions for aquifers with profile and plan anisotropy, sloping aquifers and aquifers of varying thickness are included.
Hydraulic parameters estimation is possible by drawdown in the main aquifer as well as in adjacent aquifer or aquitard. Allowance is made for full or partial penetration of both pumping and observation wells. Additionally, the unsaturated zone influence on drawdown value, storage capacity and skin effect of pumping and observation well are taken into account.
Besides, solutions for horizontal and inclined wells, slug tests and constant-drawdown tests in various conditions are considered.

Most schemes take into account the role of plan or profile boundaries. Under consideration are tests with both one and several withdrawal wells. Random time-variation of discharge rate in each pumping well is accounted for. Data analysis may be based on drawdown period and on recovery period either.
Additionally integrated in the program are special numerical codes for axis-symmetrical flow analysis and the program for solving inverse problems, adjusted for both analytical and numerical modules.

ANSDIMAT code includes:
Analytical non-steady-state solutions (nearly 200) for field aquifer tests analysis by direct and inverse methods, integrating codes of such well-known programs as DELAY2 (Neuman, 1986), WTAQ2 and WTAQ3 ( Moench, 1997), DP LAQ (Moench, 1990), WHI (H. Zhan и V.A. Zlotnik, 2001), and WTAQ v.2 code (A.F. Moench, 2011) .
Steady-state and quasi-steady-state graphic analytical solutions for field aquifer tests analysis by methods of strait line (more than 100 solutions) and type curves (more than 40 modifications of type curves can be plotted by the program)
Editor for test data log input and creating files in ANSDIMAT format
Graphical processor for diagnostic graph plotting (about 40 variations of graphs for time-drawdown, distance-drawdown and time- distance-drawdown methods) and flow test data analysis and estimation by all tools available
System for export and import of data tables and images through clipboard or dat-files
UCODE 2005 program, adjusted to solving inverse analytical problems
AMWELLS (Institute of Environmental Geosciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint-Petersburg Division, 2012) - software for analytical modeling of groundwater well systems
MODFE  and RADFLOW  numerical codes for solving 2D axis-symmetrical numerical flow models
Graphical interface /preprocessor/ for creation and viewing models in MODFE and RADFLOW programs
A wide range of additional calculation instruments for the user
Help system on all ANSDIMAT modules operation supplied with detailed description of all used analytical functions /equations/  

ANSDIMAT is developed by Sergeev Institute of Environmental Geoscience of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St Petersburg Division) in collaboration with Saint Petersburg State University.

The program interface is supported in English and Russian.

Ansdimat+; Amwells; Ansradial

ANDISMAT is officially registered and included in the State Register of computer codes.
Sertificate #2009614366



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